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Underdog Mixed Martial Arts is also the home of Maximum Potential Massage Therapy. This isn’t your “feel good” massage, or something geared towards stress relief. Our team is composed of highly talented, well educated, certified Sports Massage Therapists. Your body is, in many ways, a highly tuned machine. Much like a top-end sports car, it needs tune ups from time to time. When training has you feeling tight or beat up, our therapists will help restore your body to its best possible form. In addition, both of our massage therapists actually train here at Underdog. This means they understand the stresses of physical activity and the rigors of training, which allows them a deep insight into how best to treat you. They know what it's like to feel sore or beat up from training and can give you advice on what you can do on your own time to further their treatment and increase your performance.

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Combining techniques from a variety of styles, the unique treatment we provide can help you recover from or prevent injury, regain lost strength, and increase flexibility. Having a good massage therapist is the ultimate ace up your sleeve, and the therapists at Maximum Potential are some of the best, working not just on our members but also on professional athletes. Just one visit will immediately impart benefits to your health, wellness, and performance and allow you to reach your "Maximum Potential". Contact our skilled staff today to set up an appointment and see what a real sports massage can do for you!

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