What makes your academy different, why should I train with you?

Many gyms make claims about being the best. This might be true for you here, or it might not. The right gym for you will be one that feels like home. A place where you feel secure in testing your limits. Many different types of people have found our gym to be the type of place where they love to train, and our students are our best advertisers. Our gym is not a “McDojo”, the name given to gyms which teach you a semblance of martial arts to sell you belts and ranking. We are a no-frills Mixed Martial Arts and Self Defense academy. We specialize in teaching real fighting to the everyday person who may or may not want to be a competitive fighter. In addition, we have a proven track record of creating some of the best combat athletes in the area. Some of our best clients have been people who have trained at other academies prior to joining our gym. These people can attest to the level of skill that our instructors have.

Am I too ______ to train?

Probably not. We have seen all shapes, sizes, ages begin and become successful at martial arts. Sure, it isn’t for everyone, but people are generally capable of doing more than they think. It is our job to help you unlock your hidden potential. In most cases, a person’s perceived inability to start training due to age, weight, or fitness level is more of a mental block than an actual reality. If your ability to train is a real concern, then the best way to deal with it is to arrange a time to speak to a coach and come try out a class.

Will I get hurt?

You can get hurt doing any physical activity. However, our goal is to train you, not to break you! Training in MMA is not like fighting MMA and can be done safely. The best way to understand how we ensure safety is to come observe a class.

When can I get a fight, how fast will I progress?

Your progress is dependent on a number of variables. Your athletic ability, your mindset, how often you train, how coachable you are… there is no one formula for progress in the martial arts. More importantly, it is my experience that people who ask this question very early on or who are overly concerned with this question rarely make good students. This is because they are too focused on the end results, and not focused enough on the process to achieve those results.

Do I have to compete?

No. Absolutely not. Most of our students don’t compete. You will still progress and earn rank even if you do not compete. We encourage all of our members to compete if they wish, but we never push you to do so.

Will Martial arts training make my child violent?

Quite the opposite! Martial arts training instills confidence and discipline. It also helps provide young people with a positive outlet for their energy. Our experience is that regardless of age and background, people who train martial arts tell us that they are far less aggressive than they were before they started training.

What equipment do I need?

Personal equipment such as an athletic supporter (cup) and mouthpiece can be purchased at any sporting goods store prior to training. For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you will need a gi which can be bought through the academy. For kickboxing training, you will eventually want your own gear, including boxing gloves, shin pads, and headgear. Initially we have kickboxing gear you may borrow until you purchase your own. You may wear regular athletic apparel to the gym. We suggest that women wear sports bras and bring hair ties.

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