Martial Arts Programs Available In West Hartford

Kids Martial Arts

Give your child a chance to grow and develop confidence today with our Kids Martial Arts Classes in West Hartford. These classes are the perfect balance of maintaining health and fitness and improving confidence and discipline. Sign up today!

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Underdog Fitness

Are you sick of boring treadmill workouts at over-priced gyms? Our Fitness programs offer a wide range of elements guaranteed to give you amazing results. Get started today to see real results and enjoy a support system like never before.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program can help you learn the skills of ground grappling one step at a time. We train men and women all across West Hartford and beyond. All experience levels are welcome.

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Burn fat and build lean muscle while you learn some of the most effective self-defense skills around. Our Striking Classes in West Hartford are perfect for all ages and abilities.

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Mixed Martial Arts

Learn the best blend of fighting techniques with our MMA classes in West Hartford. We are helping our community get in shape fast and learn the best self-defense skills in town. Sign up today!

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Our Wrestling Classes in West Hartford is the perfect way for beginners and experienced wrestlers to build their skills and challenge their bodies like never before. Join us today for professional coaching and cutting-edge classes.

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Massage Therapy

Massage combines firm techniques, with gentle rolling of muscle tissue, and percussive techniques designed to stimulate the circulation in the skin and muscles. Our extremely talented Registered Massage Therapists who are totally committed to giving you a fantastic experience.

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