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Member of the Month September 2020 - Amina Huric

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Member of the Month September 2020 - Amina Huric

It's been a while since we've posted a Member of the Month. Needless to say, the past year has been a little crazy. Like many of you, we're still getting our bearings, but we wanted to get back to recognizing all of our amazing members. Amina certainly deserves this recognition. Lately, she has been attending not just her usual Strength and Conditioning classes, but has invested a tremendous amount of time and energy into the Striking program as well. On top of that, she has also been spotted attending Wrestling classes and learning some grappling. We love to see students dipping their toes into all the pools here, and it's even better when they show the energy and enthusiasm that Amina has. Congratulations, Amina!


Member of the Month- Amina Huric [September 2020]

How long have you been at Underdog?


I’ve been training here for 2 years.

How long have been involved with Martial Art/Fitness Training?


2 years: Underdog has been my first exposure to Martial Arts training.

How has your training changed since you’ve come to Underdog?


Before coming to Underdog, I never knew how to use weights in a workout. I didn’t know how to do any of the other movements we do in the strength and conditioning classes, either. When attending regular gyms, I would only be comfortable using a treadmill.

Do you have a background in athletics?


I played soccer and basketball in high school.

What’s your first strong memory of Underdog?


My second week of striking, I left the gym basically crying because I have never been so confused in my life. I did not understand anything but I did not want to quit. I also felt dumb and confused going to class. I finally decided to schedule a private lesson with Russ, and after that everything started to make sense.

What is your favorite thing about Underdog?


The members and coaches. Everyone is extremely friendly, understanding and willing to help. People I don’t even know will come up to me in classes and try to explain things I am doing wrong. I love that because all I want is to get better.

What motivates you to train?


Working out makes me happy and I feel better about myself when I do. Also my own success has motivated me. I have lost weight and gotten much stronger since I started working out at Underdog.

Since starting at Underdog, what goals have you been able to achieve? What challenges have you had to face and overcome?


I was able to lose weight and get stronger. I also learned that eating donuts everyday wasn’t going to help me reach my goals, unfortunately. In the very beginning, I was scared to work out because a lot of the workouts were new to me and I thought someone was always watching me, so I felt very uncomfortable. Soon after that, though, I realized that Underdog is the right place to start because everyone works at their own pace. I could focus on doing what was right for me, at the level I was at.

What has had the largest positive impact on your training?


The members at Underdog. In the past few months, I’ve become close with a lot of great people here at the gym. Many of them have been training longer than I have and are much better than me. They are positive people, and they motivate me and inspire me to do better.

What goals do you still have? What’s next for your training?


I would still like to lose some more weight; I’m not where I want to be yet. I want to continue to get physically stronger in the strength and conditioning classes. Lately I’ve really been enjoying striking. I want to really learn how to fight! I love the striking classes and I wish I started them earlier.

Anything you want to add?


Consistency is key!

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