Julian Rivera, Martial Arts Instructor

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Julian Rivera

Julian Rivera has been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) for 11 years and received his black belt in December 2018. He trains regularly 4-5 days per week. He instructs BJJ classes at Underdog MMA, and is a regular competitor in IBJJF tournaments and enjoys challenging himself to be the best he can be. Some of Julian’s competition accomplishments are Pan AM No-Gi champion as a brown belt, Pan Am No-Gi silver medalist as a black belt, and various NY Open and Boston Open championships.

Julian’s Martial Arts goals are to continue training and competing in IBJJF tournaments winning as much gold as possible and enjoying the journey. Training at Underdog allows him to practice various forms of grappling and striking. He enjoys training in various disciplines including wresting and striking in addition to BJJ. He continues to develop his outside interests related to martial arts in pursuit of his passions. His ultimate goal as a BJJ competitor is to become a BJJ world champion. His ultimate goal as a BJJ coach is to help his students achieve their own goals.

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