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Kids Martial Arts near West Hartford

Susanna Michaels

Susanna Michaels LMT is a graduate of the Hudson School of Massage Therapy in New York. She is licensed in the States of Connecticut and New York. Prior to joining the team at Underdog MMA, Susanna spent three years working as a massage therapist specializing in Relaxation, Sports Deep tissue, Pregnancy, Reflexology, and Hot stone massage therapies.

Susanna has been an athlete her entire life and trains at Underdog herself. Susie is a blue belt in BJJ and competes regularly.  Susanna understands the importance of massage as a tool to help athletes maintain their muscles while continuing to train at maximum potential. Working at Underdog has given Susanna the opportunity to deepen her knowledge of muscular systems and continue her education in sports massage. Susanna integrates sports massage with other techniques to create a customized experience for each athlete that is both restorative and relaxing.

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